Lake George Topographical (topo) Map with Lake Bottom Contours

I hunted everywhere for a Topographical map of Lake George.

I might add that this is a VERY difficult thing to find.  I simply wanted a map that would clearly show Lake George’s bottom contours so I might find interesting places to fish.  I was looking for “bathtubs” and other lake bottom features that might yield great fishing spots.  My search was extensive and I will share with you the findings.  If you MUST get right to the answer then simply scroll to the bottom of this page and follow the link.

Of course the first thing I did was search Google for “lake george topographic map”  The results were not what I was looking for…

lake george first search

Apparently there is a more “famous” Lake George in New York.  The Lake George I wanted was in Florida.  Oops time to help Google with where I am located and do the search again.  I will say the first result looked promising. I mean look at the relief shown in that image.  Google is pretty kewl and I was looking forward to what I was going to find for the best bass fishing lake in the world.  Needless to say I was a bit disappointed:

lake george second search

The map in Google for Lake George was VERY disappointing to say the least it had no contour lines nothing… nada.

So let’s take a look at the first result.  ExpertGPS. Let me save you some time.  I wasn’t looking for an application that was going to cost $75 or $250.00 for the “pro version”.  All I wanted was a topo map of Lake George.



Looking through the features however I did see the phrase “Seamless USGS Topo Map”  Hmm that gave me an idea. Lets look at the USGS Topo maps.

Well I can easy attest that USGS Topo maps of Lake George are terrible.  No Terrible is too nice of a word.  They are simply useless.



Yep this map is useless.


So lets look at

trailslogo trails details

The details on this one are also sub par.

trails details 2

Even Zoomed in it looks like crap and is completely useless.

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Runner up!

Ok so lets take a look at Nautical Charts Online.  This one is deserving of a link !

nautical charts online logo

These details were much better.nco details

Zoomed in even further:

nco details2


But while Nautical Charts Online earns the runner up position..

Fist Place By a Landslide

The best by far for the Topo map with detailed lake bottom contours for Lake George in Florida is NAVIONICS! There web app is simply superb.  I HIGHLY recommend it.

You must visit:


The contours aren’t simply numbers spaced randomly, but actual contour lines that show details.

Zoom Level 1

navionics details

Zoom Level 2

navionics details2

Zoom Level 3

navionics details3

And Look at this little gem!

lake george mounds


3 mounds and a neat little fishing hole.  Want to take bets on whether or not bass hang out on that nice little structure?

Navionics without a doubt has the best online topo map viewer for fisherman hands down.  Further they offer this same mapping for a VERY affordable price ($9.99 as of this writing on 7/16/2013) as an app for your Android phone.  Got a tablet?  They offer it in an HD version for tablets too!  The apps even download the map data so that when you are out there and your cell signal sucks you can still use them!

Of course if you have a compatible gps / plotter / fish finder combo you can get all of this great data on a SD card and use it there.  But if you are sitting at home and planning your next trip to Lake George then there is simply nothing better than their online app and the really wonderful thing?  It’s FREE.

I hope that this Lake George Florida Topo map was helpful.  Keep your lines tight!

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